What Is Chiropractic Care

In asking the question “What is Chiropractic” it is important to look back and understand the root of where it started. D. D. Palmer discovered Chiropractic while teaching.

It was always practiced from a holistic view with the total body as the focus. By focusing on the total body and making sure that the body is in perfect health and wellbeing, quality of life is almost assured to happen.

With making sure that total quality of life is the primary focus, the body begins to heal itself. Just as wounds heal, and bones heal, the body has the ability to seek our perfect health and when thats the focus it certainly happens. Chiropractic has roots in ancient Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture, pressure points, and herbal treatments have been used for many thousands of years.

Chiropractic uses these principals along with other resources that advance it into modern day. Chiropractic principals have actually been around much longer than what we call traditional medicine.

By using Chiropractic as a resource for discovering areas of the body that need attention, to achieve perfect health and total quality of life, it will uncover areas of discomfort and move to eliminate them. Chiropractic uses the word disease and breaks it down to (Dis- Ease) meaning that when something is wrong it probably can be corrected.

In treating Dis-Ease with the focus in mind of finding the root cause, probably will result in correction. As we know, and is indisputable, the body is so powerful it will cure itself and strive to stay in a state of perfect health and well being. Working with a Chiropractor will result in getting better and feeling better, so by giving it a shot will only result in a better quality of life.