Pain Management- Neck Pain, Back Pain, Migraines

Pain Management and Chiropractic Care go hand and hand. It’s a known fact that the body will heal itself when in proper alignment. Pain comes from neck and back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, and many other types of pain.

When proper alignment is achieved the body is in a state of healing. What is proper alignment, it’s like when you car’s front end is out of alignment all sorts of problems can happen. It will literally tear apart your car if left untreated. The same exist in your body. When the spine is in perfect alignment your body is running in peak performance. When you body is out of alignment all sorts of problems will occur. We live in a world where almost everything we do is alignment threatening, so making sure our spine is in perfect alignment is essential in maintaining every day quality of life.


Drugs don’t fix the problem they just deaden the pain temporally, and your body continues to deteriorate. Also many physicians are not aware of how many people are taking multiple drugs, even though they try to make sure, they know what’s going on,  Pollypharmacy often is a result of visiting multiple doctors. Pollypharmacy, is when a drug is used to treat a problem then side effects occur, and another drug is used to treat those side effects, and so on. Multiple drugs are used to treat problems that occur as a result of the drugs people are taking. It becomes a cyclical event that continues to get worse.

Many Pharmacist will work to try to catch these problems, but then are put in a tough position in challenging the Medical Doctors and there prescribing habits. Your body bears the brunt of the harsh effects of multiple use of drugs.  

Chiropractic First Point of Attack

The first point of attack on pain should be Chiropractic Care. To eliminate pain and achieve peak performance Chiropractic Care is the solution. When your body is in peak performance your body heals itself. This method should be tried first then if you get no relief you have every right to seek treatment elsewhere, but your first point of attack should be your Chiropractor. Of course if it’s an emergency or treatment that is life threading you medical practioner is your point of contact. 

The real truth is when you spine is in perfect alignment the nerves that run from the central nervous system to the various organs are not working overtime to compensate for any faulty transmission. When the spine is not straight and the spine is pinching the nerve the central nervous system has to work extra hard to make sure the the organs get the proper transmission. If not the organs will become unhealthy and then the medical profession will treat the issue with medication, and that’s where the whole problem begins.