Holistic Approach To Health Care

If you go to a medical practitioner for a problem they will usually treat you with pills, where a Chiropractic Physician will want to find out what is causing the problems, and find the source.

When you have an issue, that makes you uncomfortable, and go to a traditional physician you will get the symptoms treated. If you go to a holistic Chiropractic Physician they will want to find the reason for the discomfort. Treating the whole person and routing out the cause of problems separates Chiropractic from other methods. This is not to say that you should not seek  out  medical opinions.

The medical profession is very skilled in immediate care, then finding out the root of the problem should be the next step. This is where the medical profession stops but where the Chiropractor continues. 

Many people in the medical field don’t recognize Chiropractic methods because they work and go against the pharmaceutical methods. There is a massive problem among medical patients which is called Polypharmacy. This is where medications are used to treat a symptom but the drugs cause severe side effects and then another drug is used to treat that symptom and so on. Because patients go to so many different doctors and each prescribes individual medication relative to their speciality, this happens more time than not. Pharmacist try to watch for this but they don’t always catch them. So imagine taking drugs for so many issues and how devastating it can be on the body. 

This is not to say that the medical specialist are not to be used, but what is prudent advice is to go to a Chiropractor first and then let them refer you to the proper medical person. If you have other than immediate life threatening issues, the Chiropractor should be the first choice.  Medications are not always necessary since the body will heal itself. 

The body will heal itself and that should be the first point of attack for a holistic approach to health care. We all know that if we have a emergency medical problem we should always utilize emergency rooms and the 911 numbers.